Is Your Hotel Data Rich

But Information Poor?

The quality of your decisions – and therefore your results – depends on the quality of your information and data.  This is not just a technological concern – information and data quality depend heavily on culture and context.  Which is where technology companies fail to advance your results.

As hoteliers and business strategists, we understand the data processes and data challenges within a hospitality operation.  That is why, while tech companies are creating huge data repositories that add little strategic value, we have applied our deep hospitality expertise to create a unique  platform designed specifically to enable hoteliers to get the most out of their data assets.

We Make Hotel Data Smarter!

Large volumes of data by itself is meaningless.  HotelIQ enables hoteliers to focus on “Smart Data”, i.e., data that can be transformed into actionable insights.  This is accomplished through our sophisticated data processing and analysis that are unique within the hospitality industry and continually evolving.

Customize and Manage Data Quality

We understand that no two hotels or hotel companies are exactly alike – neither is their data. That is why we work with our clients individually to create custom data hierarchies that are optimized for them. We further empower them with data management capabilities at the most granular levels of data to channel it in the most meaningful ways.

Easily Navigate the Data Landscape

HotelIQ leverages the power of business intelligence to provide hoteliers visibility to their data from many different angles, affording a deeper understanding of the true shape of business opportunities ahead. Our analytical logic, design, and proprietary metrics are extremely pertinent because they were created by hoteliers who understand the challenges of maximizing hotel performance.

Expedite the Pace of Discovery

HotelIQ processes large amounts of data in a matter of seconds. Freed from the need to produce labor-intensive manual hotel reporting, hoteliers can increase the speed-to-market of their strategies and gain a competitive advantage. By analyzing business on the books in addition to historical performance, hoteliers can take advantage of opportunities while they still exist.

Elvin MagoSmart Data