Liberate Your Intellectual Capital

More than a Hotel Business Intelligence and Reporting tool, HotelIQ is the Web-based decision support system that empowers and liberates hotels and hotel organizations in the way they make Market Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Revenue Management, Distribution, Forecasting and Budgeting decisions.

HotelIQ is intended for a broad audience – all of those sharing responsibility for the performance of a hotel or hotel business. Within a hotel, this would include the General Manager, Director of Sales & Marketing, Revenue Manager, Reservations Manager, Sales Managers, Front Office Manager and more. Regional, corporate and executive personnel also benefit equally from the hotel intelligence provided by HotelIQ. Benefits of HotelIQ include arming everyone in the enterprise with the same information and standardizing an approach to viewing hotel revenue performance.


Revenue Management

HotelIQ provides the critical hotel intelligence that Revenue Managers need to make informed decisions on all aspects of managing demand. While revenue management systems attempt to optimize pricing and availability, HotelIQ helps Revenue Managers to understand the trends behind their business. Armed with this information, they can create more accurate forecasts, optimize market mix and use their newfound knowledge to manage the revenue management system and other systems to maximum effect.

Sales and Marketing

Corporate and Regional Teams

With its enterprise-ready infrastructure, HotelIQ provides corporate and regional personnel with direct access to the highest or most granular-level details of a single hotel or a hotel portfolio. Having access to the same hotel analytics fosters a common understanding of performance between the property and corporate levels. With both property-level and aggregated hotel reporting and intelligence, HotelIQ helps to drive the whole enterprise forward.

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