Timing an Advanced Purchase Campaign

A soft period (January) is approaching and the hotel decides to offer a 20% off BAR 14-day Advance Purchase campaign to boost Transient segment (BAR, Discounts, Packages, etc.) sales in advance through the website as it traditionally does. Lead time analytics from HotelIQ reveal that the prime booking window for stays in January is actually

Analyzing Booking Pace to Find Opportunity

It is December 1st. We need to understand if booking pace (room nights, ADR and revenue) is picking up strong enough for the following January at the most granular levels (days of week, rates, market segments, etc.) so that the most targeted opportunities are identified to increase revenue. It has been identified that the real

Negotiated Account Review

It is mid-year and time to review the Corporate Negotiated Account strategy per account in multidimensional ways to understand their consumption behavior and the hotel’s sales force efficiency in preparation for the following year’s Negotiated segment strategy. The pricing and availability strategies need to be revised to increase Negotiated Rate Efficiency (NRE) for the entire

Calculating True Marketing Campaign ROI

A Sabre PromoSpots GDS marketing campaign (€10,000 spend) was run between April 15th and 30th to boost BAR sales for weekday (Sunday-Thursday) stays in May. Did it work? Did sales through Sabre between the 15th and 30th of April for weekdays in May increase year on year? What was the ROI for the marketing spend? Based on the