How to Apply Hotel Business Intelligence to Marketing: Performance, Planning & Pace

Business Intelligence (BI) is starting to catch on in the hospitality sector, and with good reason – using technology to transform data into actionable information yields big dividends when properly focused on a business need. How about the realm of hotel marketing and closing the gap between campaign design and performance? Arming our hotel marketing

Press Release: Intelligent Hospitality CEO Urges Hoteliers to Leverage Their Data

Intelligent Hospitality LLC, a leading provider of Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions for the hospitality industry, has been empowering hotels to harness the power of their data since founding in 2011.  Most recently they made their presence felt at both the Hotel Data Conference in Nashville and the Cornell Hotel School’s Atlanta Lodging Outlook. Apo

Is Your Hotel Ready for Business Intelligence?

The general consensus in business intelligence circles is that you shouldn’t wait for your business to have perfect data to undertake a BI initiative. One reason for this is because the elusive state of perfect data is never likely to arrive, despite your best efforts. Another reason is that the reporting and analytics that BI

Elevate Your Hotel Data to Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) has become a necessity in the hospitality industry.  Those of us who have figured out how to leverage BI have increased both revenues and guest satisfaction.  Unfortunately, I have also spoken to many hoteliers who make the mistake of thinking that BI is nothing more than reporting.  Thus, they keep comparing it

Business Intelligence Answers the Questions Revenue Management Asks

The discipline of Hotel Revenue Management and the practice of Business Intelligence (BI) are complimentary in many ways. Revenue management is largely about understanding hotel and market business trends and optimizing hotel performance based on a projected set of conditions. It is a “question-based” discipline, putting forth questions like how much a hotel can charge

Business Intelligence Begins with Data; Data Management Begins with BI

As business intelligence begins to permeate the hospitality sector, one thing is certain: You can take a “buy” approach, implementing a BI module from a hotel systems provider (for instance, as part of your PMS, CRS or Sales & Catering system) or from a third-party solutions provider.  You can take a “build” approach, securing the

Business Intelligence – What It Is and Why It Matters to Hospitality

I believe that “Business Intelligence” will become a “buzzword” in the hospitality industry within the next few years.  We can already see this starting to happen, as some systems vendors have begun to introduce early business intelligence (or “B.I.”) capabilities into their product offerings.  Yet in my experience, most in the hotel business don’t yet

Timing an Advanced Purchase Campaign

A soft period (January) is approaching and the hotel decides to offer a 20% off BAR 14-day Advance Purchase campaign to boost Transient segment (BAR, Discounts, Packages, etc.) sales in advance through the website as it traditionally does. Lead time analytics from HotelIQ reveal that the prime booking window for stays in January is actually

Analyzing Booking Pace to Find Opportunity

It is December 1st. We need to understand if booking pace (room nights, ADR and revenue) is picking up strong enough for the following January at the most granular levels (days of week, rates, market segments, etc.) so that the most targeted opportunities are identified to increase revenue. It has been identified that the real