Here are some of the things that you can do with HotelIQ Business Intelligence ®. HotelIQ provides intelligent hotel reporting and analytics to transform decision-making in your hotel or hotel enterprise. When decisions are based on facts, results follow.

Liberate Knowledge Workers

Free the intellectual capital of managers that are chained to costly, cumbersome and ineffective manual hotel reporting and analysis. Turn report producers into information consumers. HotelIQ crunches the numbers and presents unique hotel intelligence and analytical views in seconds.

Standardize Toolsets

Get everyone on the same page. Within a hotel, across a region or between the corporate/property-level divide, when sales, marketing, distribution and revenue management reporting and analysis take place using one “single version of the truth” we stay on task. And we speak the same language consistently, even when people come and go from our organization.

Discover & Gain Insight

Slice and dice. Zoom in or take a helicopter view. See your business from new angles, whether “digging into” one small aspect of a particular hotel’s performance or combining hotels for a high-level portfolio view. HIQ provides the means to gain true hotel intelligence – a better understanding of your business, which is something that you can’t get from the property management, central reservations or revenue management systems.

Develop Your Vision

Analyze recent and historical hotel performance to identify and understand trends. Apply this knowledge to the future to spot potential performance concerns while there is still time to take corrective action. HIQ employs both lagging (historical) and leading (future) indicators to allow just that. While manual hotel reporting tends to focus on the past, HotelIQ hotel business intelligence lets you learn from the past to improve the future.

Measure & Improve

What gets measured gets done. Measure unique aspects of hotel revenue performance with HIQ’s proprietary performance metrics. Analyze these metrics for a given hotel or compare across hotels within a portfolio. Establish goals and track progress over time.

Stay Connected

HotelIQ operates on a web-based SaaS (“software as a service”) model, which means that you can access the system (with your user credentials) from any computer that has a secure internet connection. Because HIQ supports a broad user base, the same holds true for all stakeholders in your hotel or hotel organization.

Grow Your Capabilities

HIQ is scalable to grow as your hotel or hotel enterprise grows. Add properties or progress through our different service level offerings of HIQ Essential, Advanced & Ultimate. Our architecture is designed for growth, and our personnel will work with you on the business processes that support increased hotel intelligence capabilities. HotelIQ’s hospitality business intelligence fits hotels and hotel companies of all sizes.

Customize Your Approach

We are hoteliers ourselves and understand that no two hotels or hotel companies are exactly alike. While HIQ provides a standardized user interface and hotel reporting & analysis suite out-of-the-box, we are ready to accommodate any unique aspects of your particular business. We make HotelIQ fit your hotel reporting and analysis needs and your business model.